Wonderful product!
— Amazon Customer-July 22, 2017
I purchased this as a gift for a friend of mine who was expecting her first child. I am not a parent so I don’t know how helpful this will be for some but I know that she absolutely loved the idea of this portable changing table. She said that it fits into her diaper bag and hangs with ease over any bathroom stall door. Its smaller than you would think and isn’t inconvenient to bring along. She was able to... change her little one a rest stop which made everyone in the car a happy camper :).
— Brenda T- June 28, 2017
It’s great!!!
— Henrry T- March 13, 2017
My family is always traveling- always exploring new restaurants, parks, and cities, which means we are in the car a lot and in need of changing tables in public a lot. The baby change-n-go has been great for us. It’s surprisingly sturdy- my baby has been comfortable and stable in it from 6 months to 15 months with no issue. She is too distracted by grabbing the straps to fight me changing her diaper, so that’s definitely a plus, and she is contained and stationary, not trying to roll over or crawl away on the floor. It’s super easy to clean and store, and SO MUCH BETTER than changing her on the floor or counter (even with the little fold up mat that most people carry, she always ended up rolling off or putting her hands on the floor, which is gross). Also so much better than the car - I’ve changed a few diapers in the trunk or front seat, neither of which I would recommend. The change-n-go is light, easy, and so helpful.
— Nicole- March 7, 2017
Have a baby? You must buy baby change-n-go. No more filthy public changing tables!!!
— Kimberly Nameth- February 27, 2017
This product is a must-have for anyone that has a little baby or young toddler. It is extremely easy to use and most importantly it is clean and safe. Having the Baby Change-N-Go is a great baby shower gift.
— Amazon Customer- February 27, 2017
This is a MUST HAVE baby product! I have been wanting to find a product where I can CLEANLY, and easily change my baby in public. I hate the changing stations at most places and cringe everytime I use one. Plus half the time there are either no changing stations anywhere or my husband comes back with the baby when there is none in the mens room. It’s very secure and holds up to 100 lbs, plus has pockets to store diapers, wipes, etc. Thank you for finally inventing this!!
— Amazon Customer- February 23, 2017
This product is a total game changer for anyone that has ever had to change a diaper in a public setting. Not only does it eliminate having to use the germ infested public changing tables, but it also provides privacy.It is a must have for public restrooms that don’t have a changing table at all!! It is easy to use as I opened and closed it with one hand while holding my child! This would be an amazing baby shower gift for an expectant parent! I can’t say enough how amazing I feel this is, I recommend it to everyone I know!
— Nicole Gradeless- February 23, 2017
This is Brilliant. I have had this problem MANY times while traveling and out on our daily adventures. A must have for new parents to make life easier & sanitary for baby.
— Jaimarie Gold-Nov. 14, 2016
This sounds like a great idea and potential to solve a very unfortunate issue that exists in our society today.
— Diaper Changing Dad- April 25, 2016
It’s not a question of whether they should buy it. It’s a question of when. It’s one of those things that you have to have. Similar to having your diaper bag, you need your Baby Change-N-Go. It makes your life much more easier.
— Ellisha Ellison May 2016
It gives dads the ability to change the baby anywhere that the mom can. So it’s not a mom only job anymore. New moms really rely heavily on previous mom’s experience. This product is great for new moms. It’s something that’s a necessity. I think new moms are going to love this.
— Jennifer Stickney May 2016
There aren’t a lot of changing stations in the mens’ rooms. I say it’s a must have. What are you waiting for? Get in the ballgame. Get yours today.
— Jamal Ellison May 2016
This product is one of those ideas that it will be really easy for a new dad to latch on to. Not only is it pretty cool, I think its going to make my life much easier.
— Bill Stickney, May 2016
In trying the Baby Change-N-Go, I was amazed at how strong it is. I was especially pleased with the safety aspect. It’s very sturdy. I wasn’t the least bit worried about her being in there.
— Lisa Shumate May 2016