Baby Change-N-Go was developed out of a repeated frustration of either not finding diaper changing stations or when they were found, they were filthy.  As an alternative we tried sticking to changing the boys' (twins) diapers in our car.  This choice was dependent on weather situations and was it a #1 or #2 and if it was a #2 how big of a mess was it.  Slanted seats and slanted consoles quickly became difficult, and eventually were not an option, as our boys grew.

We searched online several times for an alternative.  Nothing seemed like it was the answer.  Every item required laying something somewhere and then taking that something and putting it back in your diaper bag.  Ewwwww.


During the search for something different, we read an article about a test conducted on 100 public diaper changing stations that was completed in the UK. 

The results found that 92% (NINETY-TWO PERCENT) of the public diaper changing stations tested positive for cocaine residue. 

An even bigger Ewwwwwwwwww!  Would we ever feel comfortable using a public changing table again? The answer was not NO, but NEVER again. 


"Cocaine found in nine out of ten baby changing units"

Also, during the course of creating our product, we read about a cruel prank by some monster who was sticking pins in to the changing tables just so they stuck up enough that a baby would be stabbed when they were laid on the changing table.  

Mom Warns About Horrible Prank On Her Baby’s Changing Mat   HORRIFIC!

so what did we do?

Over breakfast in October 2014 we decided we would draw on an envelope what it would look like if we could make one.  It was a fun conversation and we felt like we had an answer.  We kept the envelope and decided to think about it. 

Here's our very rough notes and drawing.


On March 8 2015 @Ashton Kutcher #AshtonKutcher made an all call on his Facebook page;

"There are NEVER diaper changing stations in men's public restrooms. The public men's room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page! ‪#‎BeTheChange‬"




Talk about the universe telling us it was

time to act!!!!


and we DID!  In March 2015 we contacted a design company and took our envelope drawing to the next level.  Part of this process was to complete a New Product Innovation Research Study.  We wanted to know if the market would be viable for a product like ours.  411 parents were asked key questions and in the end 89% of them said if our product existed, they would buy it.  EIGHTY-NINE PERCENT.  We had viability!  We moved forward.  Once our design was chosen, we brought that design to a local company (we like keeping things local if at all possible) and began building the prototype.  That was in May 2015.  5 prototypes later, in December 2015, we were satisfied. 

We then had a local sewer build our samples for safety testing.  In March 2016 we submitted those samples to the safety testing company.  The first thing we decided to have done was to have hazard experts, human behavior experts and child development experts examine our product.  We knew it was a product the consumer has never seen before. Based on the experts' advice, we made a few changes that would support our desire of SAFETY being #1. 

Baby Change-N-Go is quickly becoming the most sought after baby shower gift for expecting parents and is revolutionizing diaper changing on the go for ALL parents!

IS revolutionizing diaper changing on the go!


 We want YOU to use Baby Change-N-Go!


We want DADS to use Baby Change-N-GO!

               (it's about time they had a solution don't ya think?!!!)


We want YOU to #BeTheChange



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